KIA Israel Vehicle Storage Yard Management Solution

KIA Israel
Vehicles import and distribution.

The Goal

KIA Israel operates a huge vehicle processing center and needed a vehicle storage yard management system that provided a necessary level of visibility into operational activities, allowed for accurate vehicle tracking and inventory turnover increase, but didn’t require expensive maintenance and infrastructure deployment.


The Sogo Solution

Our engineering team has gone to great lengths to come up with just the optimal technology stack that would enable maximum efficiency without deploying complex hardware infrastructure or compromising performance.
Positioning and tracking powered by a combination of top-notch technologies:

  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices;
  • AI-enhanced detection mechanism to calculate precise positioning of the vehicles in real time without user intervention;
  • Sensor fusion – combining data from multiple sensors to correct for the deficiencies of the individual sensors to achieve higher system accuracy and performance;
  • RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) fingerprinting – use radio frequency signals to estimate the distance between the transmitting and receiving devices.


The Result

Sogo successfully delivered an AI-powered cloud-based vehicle storage yard management solution that tracks in real time vehicle inventory movements using BLE beacons coupled to vehicles VIN numbers and a mobile app. System provides inventory turnover analytics based on historical data, supports custom dashboards, alerts and integration with ERP.

``Our partnership with Sogo is great. After we have tried several unsuccessful solutions, Sogo’s team was the first to come up with an innovative solution that really works. I was very impressed by the meticulous process we had with Sogo’s team.``

Omri Dagul

KIA Israel