AT&T VoIP client for Webex (VOC)

AT&T is the world's largest
telecommunications company.

Customer profile

AT&T is one of the world’s leading providers of team collaboration solutions; hosted voice, web, audio, and video conferencing solutions.


Problem description

AT&T resells Webex service using its own telephony infrastructure. The integration between Webex clients and AT&T telephony was based on a legacy product AT&T Connect, which the company wanted to replace by a more modern solution with enhanced security mechanism.

The product team in AT&T was provided an extremely short timeline to develop a new VoIP client (VOC), which will integrate into the Webex client and will allow VoIP calls using modern, standard and secured technologies (SIP over TLS, SRTP).

Taking into account the importance and the urgency of the project, the company decided to implement the solution together with its reliable and trusted partner for mission critical projects – Sogo Services.


Sogo responsibilities

The company took full accountability for the project implementation. AT&T assigned a team consisting of an architect, a product manager and a project manager, however their responsibilities were mainly related to the AT&T infrastructure side, rather than the components that the Sogo team had developed.
Our responsibilities included reviewing and suggesting improvements in solution architecture, software architecture implementation, development and testing.


The results

We were able to meet extremely tough deadlines and provide a timely and on-budget delivery given needed ad-hoc system architecture changes. The Sogo team successfully completed the design and development of Cisco WebEx TPS Partner VoIP client, which allows connecting to Webex Meeting using AT&T SIP/VOIP infrastructure and T Connect application.
The service included development of VoIP plugin for Microsoft Windows, integration with WebEx Meeting Client using TSP Client SDK, providing demonstration at pre-set stages of development, documentation, unit testing and knowledge transfer.

“I’ve been working with Sogo for the last year and half.
During this time, we outsourced a lot of our software development to Sogo, in various domains as architecture, security, backend and front end development. I’ve found Sogo to be very professional in their deliveries. They have always lived up to their commitments, delivered on time, with good quality and modern engineering practices.
I will be happy to continue working with Sogo and recommend it to whom It may concern.”

Idan Meir